MLA - Government of Karnataka

Dear Ganesh

I never expected to contest the Elections. I am very thankful to you for strengthening my confidence and advicing me to wear One Face Rudraksha. Today whatever i am, i believe that it is mainly of One Face Rudraksha that you have given me.

I have stopped consuming Non- Vegetarian Food and Alcoholic Beverages and i am getting good results.I shall refer my friends and relatives to approach you.

thank you very much
God Bless you.

MLA - Government of Karnataka
(Name undisclosed on request)

Zoe, CA

My father sent me your email and I wanted to say hello. I hope this finds you happy and healthy. I have started a new job and am very happy with it. But all my hopes are on opening my own yoga center in the near future. Let's see how that works out.

Blessings to you and thank you for the rudraksha. Both my siblings love their 3 face and my 12 Face Rudraksha (Surya Rudraksha) has given me much support after the death of my best friend.

Have a great rest of the week.

Om shantih,
Long Beach, CA

David Malley

Namaste Ganesh,

It is David Malley from the United States. I am writing only to say how much I enjoyed meeting you and to see if this email will be a way for me to stay in touch with you.I cherish my 14 faced rudraksha very much. I wore it all through India and still now. It resonates with the power of Lord Shiva and helps me center and go deeply as I meditate each day now that I am back home in Northern California. Thank you for all your expertise in helping me choose genuine and high quality Nepalese rudracksha.

I hope you and all in your family are healthy and happy.
Thank you again,

David Malley
Sacramento, CA